As a former carpenter with experience in the building world, I was really impressed with Baer Works. They provide expert professional workmanship with a genuine old school building ethic.

Matt Baer runs his business, supervises his contractors and works closely with his clients with great care and integrity. He has experience, enthusiasm and a thorough knowledge of the building process, building techniques and materials.

At each step of the project, Matt was able to provide us with the best options for us to make informed decisions whether it related to choices of function, form or cost. Quality materials and workmanship were important to us and Baer Works ensured that we received both.

Greg & Barbara L
New Construction

i always KNEW i would be working with my hands


Growing up in rural Ohio surrounded by traditions of farming, woodworking, building and manufacturing, I always felt I would be working with my hands. We were always doing projects with family and friends.

There is a long history of creating with our hands in my family. From quilters and homemakers to wheelwrights and gunsmiths, our ancestors created to live. As a toddler, an uncle gave me my first hammer, and it was in this setting I learned the trades. To this day I feel a connection to the past traditions of working with our hands.



As a teenager I worked for two carpenters trained by builders who had emerged at a time when modern building techniques were becoming available. A few of these modern forms were plaster board, plywood, dimensional 2×4’s, asphalt shingles, etc. By the time I was working as a teenager, these new building materials had become standard, yet it was a common occurrence in a remodel to be forced to marry the old and the new. As I continued to learn from carpenters in the area, I felt that tension and connection between old and new worlds. It felt like it was a pivotal moment in the history of building where the traditional builder was becoming more modern.

As I have continued learning and building in Tucson, there are certain times when a more historic or traditional method is required. The structure may not accept a newer technology or a client may appreciate a traditional approach. I enjoy seeing the bones of buildings and learning from the past by exposing the walls, plumbing and electric. From there we can make the best decisions.

I also acknowledge that the new tools and technologies make our finished product better. So I hold the tension between new and old, respecting my Baer heritage and that of the old world that developed the underlying concepts and strategies, but also utilizing all that we have accessible today.

To me, everything is an opportunity to grow and learn, not just as a business, but in growing as craftspeople and evolving the trade.