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Matt Baer comes from rural Ohio, surrounded by a strong tradition of farming, woodworking, building, and manufacturing. He always felt he would be working with his hands. As a toddler, an uncle gave Matt his first hammer, and it was in this setting he learned the trades. To this day, he feels connected to the traditions of working with hands while folding in contemporary materials and skills.

About Baer Works

In 1993 Matt Baer moved out and fell in love with Tucson. He joined the Community Home Repair, started by the Mennonite church, as a volunteer opportunity to do home repairs for low-income homeowners.

He met his wife, Jeanne Yordy, through that program and together they launched Baer Works in 2009. Since then, they have been able to hand pick a small group of collaborators to keep the projects focused on quality work and quality relationships. Collectively, Baer Works has a wide range of abilities including custom woodworking, blacksmithing, welding, sheet metal, home building, commercial construction, concrete countertops and benches, furniture, tile, painting, natural plasters, and more, all rooted in the tradition of quality craftsmanship.

The whole process is a collaboration with clients. We like to achieve what each client wants while being cost-effective. With that in mind, we are proud to do some of the best work in Tucson. We are good at applying the right skillset for the task at hand, whether with architects, designers, or other craftspeople and subcontractors.

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