Our Team

Baer Works maintains an in-house team so that we can reliably work on a whole range of projects. We value each person we work with and appreciate the varied skills brought by each member of our group.


Every Monday morning the Baer Works team meets together at Lavernas Coffee Shop. It's an old diner with enormous pancakes in an industrial area of Tucson. We created this opportunity to share knowledge, discuss the coming week, and discuss the different needs of our projects. 

We invest in eachother and work to build our varying abilities and skills. We are proud of our solid group of dependable people who can execute consistent and high level work. 


Andreas moved to Tucson with experience in cabinetry. He works precisely and practically.
Woodwork & Carpentry
Baer Works has both in-house skills for woodwork and carpentry as well as a network of the best specialty woodworkers in the city. Either we will do all work or find the right people for the best possible execution. We have built doors, ramadas, beams, decks and porches, carports, and cabinetry. 
Welding and Metal Fabrication
At our headquarters, we have a whole range of metal welding and fabrication tools. We have experience with structural elements, gates, decorative pieces, interior buildouts, and building custom tools to complete a project. 
General Contracting
Our team is currently working on framing out interiors and exteriors of residences and businesses. We are able to complete all work on renovations and construction or manage trades. We work to find the best balance of efficiency and quality.
Mimi is our newest member on the team and is working full time in the field.
Sage has recently joined the team. He brings high energy and curiosity to our projects.
Historic Renovations
We have been fortunate to work on some of the most significant properties in the City of Tucson. Our attention to detail and our resourcefulness have led to quality outcomes in maintaining the historic integrity of projects.
Hallie comes to Baer Works with architectural training. She maintains the intention of detail while gaining hands-on building experience.
New Construction
Baer Works is proud of our relationship with some of the best architects. We push ourselves to understand the vision of architects with the needs of a homeowner. 
Commerical Construction and Interior Buildouts
Our varied skill set has been applied to commercial construction and interiors. 
Ralph has been with Baer Works for over 5 years. He is dependable and excels at problem-solving on a fast-paced site.
Jason Gallo comes from an education and experience in architecture. He is brought onto projects because of his attention to detail and care for the integrity of the design.
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